Psychiatric Medication



Psychiatric Medication Management in Colorado Springs

Prescription medication is the most common treatment for mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and OCD. Medication is easy to prescribe, easy to obtain, and is easy for patients to take.

At Colorado Recovery Solutions, our providers are mental health experts and well-versed in the latest antidepressants (such as Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac and other SSRIs), anti-anxiety medications (such as Xanax, Ativan, Librium and other Benzodiazepines), and other medications which can be prescribed to treat common psychiatric conditions. We can prescribe medication refills as well as issue new antidepressant prescriptions.

Antidepressant Medication for Depression and Anxiety in Colorado

Psychiatric medication managementPatients choose Colorado Recovery Solutions for psychiatric medication management because of the expert training and education of our doctors and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. Although primary care doctors can prescribe antidepressant medication, their training and experience is more limited. Our providers have a much deeper level of experience with psychiatric medication and can help find the right medication that works for you.

Our providers work closely with you to identify the right medication, or combination of medications, that will work best for you. We listen carefully to each patient in order to properly diagnose the condition and identify the medication that offers the best potential for a positive outcome. Because each patient is unique, our patient treatment plans are unique as well.

If you need help with mental health medication refills in Colorado, call Colorado Recovery Solutions today at 719-622-6522 to setup an appointment at one of our Colorado Springs or Monument clinic locations.

Additional Treatment Options for Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety

If you’ve tried antidepressants and they didn’t help, you may have treatment-resistant depression. We offer several other treatment options for patients looking to get off antidepressants or those who want non-medication alternatives to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, or OCD.

Ketamine is an anesthetic which was found to have a significant antidepressant effect. Ketamine’s rapid acting nature makes it extremely effective for short-term depression treatment. While it can take antidepressants up to six weeks for full effect, ketamine can alleviate symptoms of depression or PTSD within hours or days. Ketamine is typically administered in six infusions over a two week period, with most patients experiencing a significant response within the first week. Ketamine may be used in conjunction with other depression treatments, such as TMS or antidepressants, to help patients achieve a full remission from depression or PTSD.

Spravato is a nasal spray depression treatment containing esketamine, which is similar to the drug ketamine. Like ketamine, Spravato is used to treat severe forms of depression and treatment-resistant depression. Spravato works to treat depression very quickly, with effects starting in as little as a few hours after administration. Even though Spravato differs from ketamine in many ways, both drugs work similarly on the brain to relieve the symptoms of depression or other conditions. Spravato is FDA-approved for treatment of depression and may be covered under insurance for depression treatment, although not all insurance plans include Spravato coverage. If you have questions about insurance coverage, please call our billing specialists at 719-622-6522.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
TMS is a completely drug-free way to treat depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. TMS works through an external magnetic pulse that stimulate the brain itself. These impulses are calibrated to stimulate the brain into regenerative activity, creating new healthy pathways which allow for normal brain function. The effectiveness of TMS to treat depression is backed by hundreds of research studies, and it is FDA-approved for treating depression, OCD, and anxious depression. TMS is also covered for depression treatment under most major insurance plans. Patients looking for a drug-free depression treatment are choosing TMS at Colorado Recovery Solutions.