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Depression Treatment in Colorado Springs

Depression is a serious mental illness that causes feelings of intense sadness and hopelessness. Dr. Ashley Johnson, provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art treatment methods at Colorado Recovery Solutions in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Along with medication management, Dr. Ashley Johnson offers IV ketamine, Spravato, and deep TMS therapy to help patients overcome their depression. To book an appointment with Dr. Ashley Johnson, call the office today, or book a consultation online.


What is depression?

 Depression is a serious mental health disorder characterized by intense feelings of sadness and decreased interest in the things you love. It also affects the way that you think, act, and feel.

 Depression is usually called clinical depression or major depressive disorder. In severe depression, you may feel as though you do not want to live anymore. If you feel this way, it is important to seek help immediately from the team at Colorado Recovery Solutions.

 There are many factors that lead to depression. If you have a relative who suffers from depression, you are much more likely to contend with it as well. It can also be caused by your brain chemistry, a change in hormones, and biological differences.


How do I know if I’m depressed?

 Depression manifests itself in many different ways. You can experience both physical and emotional symptoms, some of which include:

      • Feeling sad or hopeless
      • Sleep problems
      • Fatigue and tiredness
      • Difficulty making decisions
      • Thoughts of harming yourself
      • Feeling worthless
      • Losing interest in pleasurable activities

Unexplained physical problems, such as neck pain or back pain may also pop up as a result of depression. Headaches are also common when you have depression, along with weight loss and weight gain. 

Is there treatment for depression?

 The team at Colorado Recovery Solutions gets you the expert help you need when you are dealing with depression. Many modern techniques are used to give you the tools to overcome your symptoms.

 Lifestyle changes can be beneficial when it comes to treating depression. These changes include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep. While lifestyle changes do help with depression symptoms, you will often need other treatments as well. Some of the cutting-edge therapies that the team uses in treating depression include:

      • Medication management
      • TMS therapy
      • Spravato
      • Ketamine infusions

Many people can cope with depression with long-term lifestyle changes and treatment. It sometimes takes a few different therapies to find the right type of treatment for your specific form of depression.

 It’s important to reach out to the team if you are ever feeling hopeless or like life is no longer worth living. These are signs your depression is worsening, and the team needs to intervene. If you are suffering from a mental health emergency please call 911 and contact emergency services.

 If you are suffering from depression, call the office in Colorado Springs today at 719-622-6522.