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Mental Health Treatment for Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD in Colorado Springs


Mental Health Treatment in Colorado Springs

We provide advanced psychiatric treatments and therapies to patients in Colorado Springs and Monument, CO. Our clinic offers the most effective mental health treatments available today, together in one convenient location.

If you are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, bipolar or another mental health condition, we have treatment options that bring immense relief and remission. When you’re struggling with a mental health issue, you need a strong support team by your side. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate mental health providers will help you find the right treatment option for you.

Our Services

We have helped hundreds of patients overcome depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, trauma and other mental health conditions through our advanced mental health treatment services. Every treatment we offer is backed by thorough medical research and has been clinically proven by our own experience to help patients get better. 

But the smiles on our patients’ faces are the real proof. We’d love to help you, as well.

Select a service below to learn more about our psychiatric treatments.


TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) uses the brain’s natural powers of regeneration to overcome depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and other mental health conditions with long-lasting remission.



Ketamine is a fast-acting treatment that brings rapid relief for acute depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, PTSD, and chronic pain. Patients experience significant relief within hours or days of first treatment.



Spravato is an inhaled nasal spray form of esketamine that helps bring remission from depression, treatment-resistant depression, and suicidal ideation.


Medication Management

Whether you need antidepressant medication refills, a new prescription, or are looking to modify a current prescription, our care team is here to help you.