Kalli Kintz,RN, BSN

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Nursing

Kalli Kintz
Kalli Kintz,RN, BSN

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Nursing in Greater Colorado Springs Area, Colorado Springs, CO

Kalli Kintz is a Registered Nurse in Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing.  She has worked with clients across a variety of nursing fields to include addiction and recovery, behavioral health, cardiac, stroke, and medical-surgical nursing.

Beginning in 2013, Kalli has volunteered through her grassroots, family-founded church in downtown Colorado Springs, advocating for and assisting people suffering from homelessness, addiction, abuse, and poverty. 

Throughout her career, Kalli’s passion is inspired by a holistic philosophy and strong motivation to deliver exceptional care to her community with a focus on improving outcomes, evidenced-based practice, and innovation. She has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and also served as an Emergency Medical Technician prior to joining the field of Nursing. Kalli is starting her Master’s Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Healthcare Management and Leadership.

In her spare time, Kalli enjoys climbing mountains, cooking, spending time with family, and raising her two dogs, Poppy and Baxter.