Are you taking more than one prescription medication on a regular basis? If so, you’re not alone – 24% of Americans take more than one prescription drug. Find out how you can take control of your medication management.

Studies show that about one-fifth of people in the United States take five or more prescription drugs, which can be dangerous for many reasons. It’s vital to be involved and proactive about the medications you take. At Colorado Recovery Solutions in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Ashley Johnson, DO, understands that everyone is unique and so are their health and medication needs. As a board-certified interventional psychiatrist, she and her team offer medication management services to help individuals with their numerous drug prescriptions that treat multiple diseases or disorders.

Medication for Depression

Medication management is a treatment strategy that involves the evaluation of all prescription medications you currently take and considers all the side effects and dosages of each medicine. There could be medications that are not beneficial for you anymore, or there could be medications you are unaware that you need and should be taking.

Who should worry about medication management?

Medication management could be a helpful treatment tool if you identify with any of the following categories:

You are taking five or more prescription medicines
The more medications you take, the higher your chances are of having either negative interactions between medicines or multiple side effects that affect your quality of life.

You have medications prescribed by one or more providers
If you see multiple providers, they may be unaware that you are taking another kind of medication. Communication about what kind of prescriptions you are taking is key.

You are an older adult
As you grow older, your body reacts to medications differently. You may take longer to process what’s already in your system, leading to a higher-than-recommended dosage circulating in your body.

You have recently stayed in the hospital
A 2018 study showed that 79.5% of hospital emergency room visits end up with a drug prescription, which can be especially dangerous if you have a provider that doesn’t know your medical history. One in seven Medicare patients visiting the hospital has incurred a medical error, including prescribed medicines.

The bottom line

Dr. Ashley Johnson at Colorado Recovery Solutions has 15 years of experience with medication management. She considers all the medications prescribed for you and evaluates which ones will work best with the least amount of side effects. If you feel medication management would be a beneficial treatment option, contact our office today by giving us a call at 719-622-6522 or by requesting an appointment online. We would be happy to help you manage your medications.