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After reviewing a prospective patient’s medical and psychiatric history with our psychiatric physician, ketamine infusion therapy may be deemed medically or psychiatrically indicated for improvement of chronic pain or depression. Typically, six infusions, administered over 2 weeks, are needed to sustain the antidepressant or pain reducing effect of ketamine therapy for several weeks to months. A booster infusion may be needed to continue the therapeutic effect after 4-6 weeks. All patients will be closely medically monitored during and after the infusions. If the first 1-2 infusions are tolerated, the full six infusions will be administered. Every patient must be accompanied by a driver at every infusion. They should plan to be in the office for a total of at least one hour for each infusion and post-infusion observation period.


$395 per infusion for Depression
$795 per infusion for Chronic Pain

*Ketamine infusion is not covered by any insurance providers. And all rates are private pay only.*

Colorado Recovery Solutions is a registered provider with Care Credit and this may be used to cover costs of ketamine infusion therapy. Please apply on their official website for access to this payment option.



Colorado Recovery Solutions is currently in-network with MEDICARE. However, we anticipate obtaining in-network status with most major insurances and smaller insurances by the end of 2021.

In the meantime, Out-of-network insurance benefits can be verified and requested for TMS coverage.

CRS provides the highest quality care and most affordable private pay rates than any other TMS provider in Colorado Springs, guaranteed.

Colorado Recovery Solutions is a registered provider with Care Credit. This form of payment may be used to cover the costs of TMS. Please apply on Care Credit’s official website for easy access to this payment option.

Cash, Debit, or Credit are all accepted.
Checks are not accepted.
All payments are due at the time of service.


$415 for the first TMS session + Brain Mapping (capped at $415)

$275 per follow-up TMS session